You’ve produced a great video for your business…
Now, make sure potential new customers and clients see it – every day!

Video Marketing Plans:

All of our video marketing plans are comprehensive – meaning you don’t have to do a thing. We setup, optimize, host, distribute and fully manage your video marketing campaign, every month. Let us do all the marketing work so you have the freedom to run and grow your business.

FOUR high return benefits – ONE low monthly price:

Google TrueView Video ads

We are a Google Videos Ads certified company and we pay Google directly to market your video, every month.

Imagine, hundreds of new people choosing to watch your business video… viewers that wanted to learn more about your company, products or services. Google True View videos ads are built on a promise…

It’s a “True View” because it only counts as a view when someone chooses to watch more than 30 seconds of your video. How many new viewers do you want every month? 100, 250 or 500? Simply pick the perfect plan below for your business 🙂

Video & Key Word Optimization

Your video is optimized for the top search results across all search engines while focusing on Google and YouTube.

The best Key Word search terms for your business are utilized to ensure your video gets seen by prospective customers and clients – every day!

Video eCards for your business

Connect directly with your customers & strengthen long-term client relationships with our personalized eCards for any occasion. Just choose from over 30 eCards here and we’ll customize it to fit your company, using your logo, photos or video clip.

We’ll then create a unique webpage to host your Video eCards. We do all the work and maintain your Video eCard webpages year around so you can feel free to email your customers at any time when that special occasion arises 🙂

Free Text or Image Changes

Change any of the text or images shown in your video. Simply email us the changes you want and your video will be automatically updated with no additional cost or effort on your end.

Please note: if you’re not subscribed to a monthly marketing plan, any text or image change costs $75 per change.

Choose a Video Marketing Plan with our Results Guarantee:

While no advertising agency can guarantee a certain amount of new sales and customers, we offer a simple Results Guarantee:
Your video is marketed using Google TrueView video ads to ensure it gets seen by prospective customers and clients – every month. Based on your chosen marketing plan, your video is guaranteed a specific number of views per month or it’s free.

We are the video marketing experts – let us help you grow your business.

Select a plan below and get prospective new customers watching your video – every day!

(*Sale prices below are for existing clients only)

Video Marketing Plan benefits with our Results Guarantee

Google TrueView Video ads details
Video & Key Word Optimization details
Video eCards for your business details
Free Text or Image Changes details


$120 $59 month

100 views monthly
2 eCards


$200 $79 month

250 views monthly
4 eCards
2 per year


$375 $99 month

500 views monthly
6 eCards
4 per year