Marketing Report & Recommendation for Maxzob

Thanks for visiting our site and inquiring about our video marketing services. For over 30 years, Your Video Spokesperson has been focused on one simple goal – to help small businesses grow and succeed by providing the most cost-effective video production & marketing services available. To learn more about us click here.

We reviewed your website and think it’s very well designed and easy to navigate; however, we didn’t see a video presentation on your pages. We understand that adding video to your site is an extra expense, and hopefully this report can help you decide if the benefits are worthwhile.

The Proven Stats

– Website Videos increase conversion rates by 80% and email click-through rates by 200%. – Forbes Magazine

– 90% of customers report that watching videos help them make purchasing decisions. – Forbes Magazine

– Video promotion is 600% more cost-effective than print & direct mail combined. – Diode Digital

Tell the Story of Your Business with Video & Reap the Benefits!

Your Home Page would be the perfect place for an overview style video featuring your services.

This video would tell the story of your business and what makes it special.

Much more than just text & pictures, a video can really engage & convert visitors into new customers.

We feel your home page would be the best place to gain new customers with a video spokesperson or voice-over professional. Video can really bring your website to life! In fact, Nielsen Research states that “the right spokesperson can create a high degree of emotional connection, breakthrough, and customer motivation for the business product or services.”

With this in mind, the first thing we do is help you pick the perfect spokesperson or voice-over professional for your business to help you Engage & Convert visitors into New Customers or Clients. You can see a full list of our spokespeople here.


Our "business overview" style video would work perfectly for your business

Check out the video below from one of our existing clients to get an idea of what our popular “business overview” style looks like:


Your new video would be made from scratch & custom-designed to perfectly market your unique business! To see more video styles and examples, visit see examples.


With us you don’t just get a fantastic video production, you also get our Attract New Customers video marketing package for FREE - here's what you get:

  • 1,000  Google TrueView Video ads – We are a certified Google Videos Ads company, and we pay Google directly to market your new video producing a guaranteed 1,000 or more new viewers within the first month.
  • YouTube We place your video on our high traffic YouTube channel and optimize it for the top search results so potential customers can find your video on Google & YouTube.
  • 50 site Video Distribution – Y